Is your cat acting out of character?
If “Yes”, you may have a sad cat!

Fact: Depression in cats is a real and recognized condition.

The problem is cat depression can be tricky to spot. This 101 guide helps you spot low mood in cats, understand the causes, and then support your fur-friend.

An Absence of Joy

Behavioral experts explain cat depression as “an absence of joy”.

A sad depressed cat on the window

A sad cat alters their normal behavior. So if your cat no longer strolls over to greet you or stops grooming, this might be a sign that something is wrong.

Your first stop should be the vet. Always rule out medical causes before assuming a problem is psychological. Many common conditions cause a lack of energy, so always check out their health first.

If your cat gets the all clear on a health check, you may well have a depressed cat.

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