Oh, how we love our puppies! We shower them with kisses and dog toys, take them to the park, and even treat our fur babies to a spa day! Much like we use candy to reward our children, we reward our puppies with treats and it makes them wag their little tails and sit on … Continue Reading

Is your cat acting out of character? If “Yes”, you may have a sad cat! Fact: Depression in cats is a real and recognized condition. The problem is cat depression can be tricky to spot. This 101 guide helps you spot low mood in cats, understand the causes, and then support your fur-friend. An Absence … Continue Reading

When your pooch pees on your carpet or starts chewing shoes the moment you leave them alone, it’s not their way of showing you they’re angry with you for leaving them. It’s not a clever puppy revenge scheme, either. These types of behavior are actually common symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs. Learn more about … Continue Reading