Obesity in Dogs: The Dangers of Having an Overweight Dog

Oh, how we love our puppies! We shower them with kisses and dog toys, take them to the park, and even treat our fur babies to a spa day! Much like we use candy to reward our children, we reward our puppies with treats and it makes them wag their little tails and sit on … Continue Reading

Is My Cat Depressed? The Sad Cat Decoded

Is your cat acting out of character? If “Yes”, you may have a sad cat! Fact: Depression in cats is a real and recognized condition. The problem is cat depression can be tricky to spot. This 101 guide helps you spot low mood in cats, understand the causes, and then support your fur-friend. An Absence … Continue Reading

Celebrate Mom With May Care Perks

We’re celebrating pet moms everywhere! Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 13th, and it’s the perfect time to pamper (and spoil) that special hooman in your life. Petcube Care has just rolled out NEW Care perks giving eligible 10/30 Day Care Members 60% OFF a first box of Ollie and up to 50% OFF CanvasPop. … Continue Reading

8 Cutest and Most Hilarious Dog Haircuts for Your Inspiration

When it comes to grooming, we all want our dogs to be the best-looking mutts in town. And it doesn’t matter if you have a special breed that requires new hairstyles every month or just a regular pooch – there are tons of cute dog haircuts to make your pup as adorable as possible. Here … Continue Reading

Symptoms Of Separation Anxiety In Dogs

When your pooch pees on your carpet or starts chewing shoes the moment you leave them alone, it’s not their way of showing you they’re angry with you for leaving them. It’s not a clever puppy revenge scheme, either. These types of behavior are actually common symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs. Learn more about … Continue Reading

Pet Adoptions at the San Francisco SPCA’s Holiday Windows

Earlier this month, the San Francisco SPCA unveiled this year’s holiday windows at Macy’s Union Square, a tradition it has been hosting every year for more than three decades. It’s a unique opportunity to forget about all the holiday chores and is honestly one of the cutest and most bliss-bringing annual traditions in San Francisco … Continue Reading

What is a Sploot and Why Dogs Splooting

Dogs (and their derpiness) bring smiles to our faces every day. Most pet parents spend their days gushing over the new adorable or funny thing their pet did, and, of course, take a zillion pictures of it (my phone is overloaded anyway). Well, there is a “new” snapshot-worthy, cuteness-overload thing your pet might do. Wondering … Continue Reading

This Pet Mom Went to Canada to Adopt a Cat

Kelly was left devastated after her cat Chai died in March 2017. For Kelly, like for many pet parents out there, Chai was more than just a pet, she was a soulmate. She passed just at the time Chai’s Instagram amassed a following of 44k and they had just been at a Petcube event at … Continue Reading

10 Comics Showing How Pets Make Our Lives Better

It’s National Pet Day! A day to celebrate your beloved animal companion. They are a source of entertainment, friendship, and an endless source of unconditional love. We love our pets every day, but today, we can shower some extra love on our furry friends. Where would we be without our pets? Sometimes, we don’t realize … Continue Reading