Icing and decorating cakes, what are the basics?

After getting the basics about cake baking and methods of mixing, you might want to take your baking experience a little further and dwell in the icing department.

Icing can be frustrating at times as well as it can be very fun provided you observe some general rules. Even more icing make your cake more appetizing and attractive for those consuming it, be it friends, family or even for a ceremony.

What to consider before beginning icing.

Before you begin icing you have to keep in mind that you may not always get it the first time, so you will need to ready yourself with a little patience and diligence for the outcome will be totally worth it.

Further I will also say that icing and decoration isn’t just for the top chefs and professionals, anyone with the right amount of practice can become good at preparing the icing filling and decorating the cake. Okay let’s get down to business.

General rules for icing.

1.      Ingredients, ingredient, and ingredients I will never emphasize enough on the importance of good quality ingredients. Always make sure you sieve the icing before using it and also you can crush it first if required and pass it through a dry sieve.

2.      Use dry and clean utensils to avoid lumps and humidity in your icing sugar before you begin using it, this might be time consuming to fix the situation.

3.      Be delicate with the proportions of flavor and coloring as very strong coloring might make the iced cake look inferior and cheap.

4.      Coating and piping icing should have different consistencies that of coating should be slightly softer than that of piping.

5.      Make sure the cake is firm before icing. Use a sharp knife if necessary to clean the top and edges of the cake and brush loose crumbs to smoothen the cake icing areas.

6.      Cover the mixed icing with a damp cloth if it is allowed to stand as it might dry off and become hard, hence making it difficult to use.

7.      You can use lemon juice to color your icing but if used too much can make it turn yellow and used to make royal icing soft but if too much is used it becomes too soft, therefore moderate it’s use.

8.      The quantity of liquids used varies slightly as some confectioners (icing sugar) sugars absorb more moisture than other, you might want to read the notice on the packaging for specifics.

9.      When icing Swiss rolls you need to do it as fast as possible as they easily dry up due to the absence of fat in the mixture.

10.  Avoid gaps when sandwiching two or several layers together as this will make the task difficult.

11.  All colors, fillings and flavorings used should be harmonized.

With all this said all can say is get to your mixer, get your icing bags and start icing some cake and decorating them for your personal pleasure of for the pleasure of others.

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