Can eating slowly really help with weight lose?

Methods to losing weight by eating slowly:

Research has proven that it takes a decent amount of time for your brain to realize that it is full when you are eating. So if you eat your food at a rather fast rate you will end up eating more food than what your body really needs. The same research also proves that when you eat slower you will not only eat less food but you will also begin to lose some weight, basically you got to find that sweet pace that lets you get your food into your system at a good speed.

Three main methods of what it takes to properly eat slowly is knowing the basics of eating slowly, how distractions can come in handy and the strategies it can take in order to continue eating slowly.  Nevertheless don’t get too distracted as such not to be able to eat properly.

Habits need to change.

  • To begin with you need to remember that, in order to get rid of one habit that is bad you need to replace it with a habit that is good. You should also not ever wait to eat; if you are feeling too hungry, then it is going to be hard to want to eat slower. This is why you should eat several smaller meals throughout the day. Even though you are eating smaller meals slowly you should still count all of the calories that you consume. Foods that are very high in fiber, air or water are the best foods to go with and your snack foods should be a wise choose as well such as fresh fruits and fresh vegetables and even some different kinds of nuts.

Make your meal times a little longer.

  • When it comes to eating slowly start by doing your best to stretch out the meal for as long as you can this includes cutting your food slower, putting in your mouth slower, chewing slower and waiting a little longer to take the next bite. Try eating a bite, wiping your mouth and taking a small sip of water for practice this way when you are done with each bite you can place your utensil back on the plate. And when you take a bite there should only be a little bit of food on the fork or spoon.

Distraction can be an option.

  • Lastly is how bringing in distractions can become very helpful with learning how to properly eat slowly. A distraction is something that will cause the process of eating to become slower; if it helps after each small bite you could also either talk to stretch the meal longer or look through a magazine or newspaper while you are eating. If absolutely necessary a crossword puzzle can come in handy as well, though I wouldn’t recommend this as it can be very absorbing. Some music that is relaxing and having the lights dim are some really good tips to follow as well but this setting is not ideal for every meal so save these techniques for special meals. Slow music will lead your body to naturally move slower which will make you eat slower and the lights being

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