Mixing your cake, the basic techniques.

Welcome to the next phase of my mini baking essentials series where you get to learn all basics for beginner bakers.

This post though short will deal you to the basic simplest methods of mixing or baking your cake and other bakes you might be interested in.

Firstly I will say though the rules of baking can be strict and exact they can nevertheless be adjusted or modified provided we have the adequate knowledge of how the quantities and ingredients will react.

Methods of mixing cake.

Depending on how you want it the richness of a cake will depend principally on the proportion of eggs and fats to flour used. Richer cakes have higher proportions of these.

The Rubbing in method.

When dealing with a comparatively small ratio of fats to flour, you rub in the fat into the flour using your fingertips until the mixture has a fine bread crumb like nature. This method is especially good for plain cakes, buns and scones.

The Creaming method.

In a bowl mix together the fats and eggs (these are in equal proportions) until they are a homogenous blend and creamy in texture. You can do this with a wooden spatula or a hand mixer or even a big mixer, this will depend on the quantities mixed and the reason for the bake.

For cakes on ceremonies such as Christmas and weddings this method can be used. It also works for plain butter sponge cakes such as victoria sandwich cakes and some other small cakes. This is the simplest and most used method.

The Whisking method.

This method involves mixing the eggs and fat together (whisking them) until they are frothy and thick. Flour is folded in lightly.

Mostly used for plain sponge cakes as they are very light and digestible due to their little or no fat content; for this reason too, they easily and quickly go stale if not consume within a certain period of time (preferably a day at most).

The Melting method.

Here the sugar, sweetening agent, fat and syrup are melted together, this is mostly used to make gingerbread.

What to note.

As we can see from the above, mixing a cake is pretty simple and easy and as such anyone can bake cake. So if you ready to begin you can go grab your equipment and ingredients and start baking.

Remember sometimes the simplest things are the best but nevertheless if u feel the need for more advanced involvements like decorating and incing feel free to check out my other posts on icing and decoration.

Learn general rules for icing, fillings and cake decorations.

Royal icing for your special ceremonies.

If you have other methods of mixing please feel free to share in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.


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