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    18 Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Photos That Will Make Your Heart Beat Faster

    Kim Kardashian has never been shy when it comes to flaunting her body for the public, and one of her favorite ways to do so is through Instagram. Kim regularly posts photos to her account that leavevery little to the imagination — and she doesn’t apologize for it, either. Just look at the controversyshe caused last year with one of her most risqué pictures yet! Keep reading to reminisce over Kim’s most scantily clad Instagram moments of all time.



    Parisian Vibes

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    When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL

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    8 Things Every College Girl Should Have in Her Bag

    Most likely one of the greatest lessons school life brings to the table is the significance of being prepared. By continually managing surprise quizzes, unstable teachers, and even flighty climate changes, you’ll figure out how to confront issues with grace and how to come up with solutions to solve them. Same with your ever-prepared state of mind, your Bag ought to likewise be up for whatever test comes your way. The following are eight things each college girl ought to never leave home without:

    Paper and pen



    You have got to stop asking your seatmate for a one-half crosswise sheet every time you have a quiz. Trust us, it’s annoying! Make it a habit to stock up on this essential—from one whole, one-half crosswise, and one-half lengthwise to one-fourth pads—for when the need arises. Also, bring a few extra pens to school just in case your trusty ballpoint bails on you in the middle of a huge test.



    The weather can be really hard to predict, so better have an umbrella with you all the time. You wouldn’t want to reprint your thesis again when the pouring rain destroys it, would you? Neither would you want to get to class soaking in your own sweat because you didn’t have any protection from the sun! Eww, right?


    Emergency money


    So you spend exactly P126 a day for transportation and food, but what if you don’t catch the last train and you need to take a cab home? Do you have the extra cash? Some students try to control their savings by bringing only the exact amount they need, but be prepared with some emergency cash to avoid being in compromising and embarrassing situations!


    Sanitary napkin

    You should always have a pack in your bag just in case your monthly visitor arrives earlier than usual. A pack of panty liners would also be a great idea. This simple habit could easily save you (or your friend) from a great deal of embarrassment! (read: period stains)


    Healthy snacks

    There will be days when schoolwork gets too overwhelming that you’d rather skip lunch than miss your deadlines. Times like these call for snacks that you can munch on without leaving your table—like fruits or sandwiches! These will not only keep hanger at bay, but will also give you the creative juices you need to finish your tasks.


    Power bank

    You know you’re in huge trouble when it’s only 1:00 p.m. and your battery’s already down to 4%. What if your professor cancels his class and you fail to receive his group message? Or what if your mom calls and fails to reach you? You wouldn’t want to throw her into a panic, so always bring a power bank with you. (There are small—and cute—ones available in the market that can easily fit your bag!)


    First aid kit

    You can always stop by the clinic if you’re feeling ill, but it’s still best if you have the basics (such as band aids, headache meds, and anti-diarrhea meds) with you just in case dysmenorrhea or a headache comes into play while you’re outside of campus.


    Beauty kit

    Aside from the basics—BB cushion compact, concealer, oil blotting sheets, lip and cheek tint, lip balm, and perfume—you should also bring hair ties and nail polish with you at school. Hair ties will easily save you from those bad hair days, while a single swipe of your favorite Chic Nail Color will instantly add oomph to your look and prep your nails for those #inmyhands Instagram posts!

    We’re sure you’ll nail everything college life throws your way when you have these eight things in your bag!


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    These 20+ Adorable Animals Will Make Your Heart Explode From Cuteness.

    On the off chance that you think you comprehend what the words cute and adorable mean, you should see the 20+ photographs of this post. After that you’ll most likely give a radical new importance to these words.

    Some of these creatures are so soft they look practically incredible, some others are absolutely adorable cuddling with their stuffed toys.

    In the event that you are in love with tiny and adorable creatures, this endearing post is only for you.

    If you like this post, share it with your friends on Facebook!

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    This 12-Year-Old Tattoo Prodigy Is Going Viral, And His Works Speak For Themselves

    Ezrah “The Shark” Dormon is 12-years-old. He isn’t old enough to get a tattoo, but that’s not stopping him from tattooing other people!

    The Panama-based pre-teen tattoo artist was first inspired to pick up the ink gun when he watched his mother get a tattoo at Honolulu tattoo shop. Noticing Ezrah’s keen interest, the owner of the shop, Ali Garcia, let the youngster fill in a part of the tattoo (with his mom’s permission of course!) and the kid’s been hooked ever since. He’s already inked about twenty people, plus countless oranges and grapefruits (they’re good for practice apparently), all from the Honolulu tattoo shop where he’s studying as Garcia’s apprentice. The owner has taught him how to draw various designs including panthers, swallows, snakes, roses and sharks – the latter being the boy’s signature animal. Ezrah has even tattooed his own math teacher! While there’s no doubt that the kid’s got talent, not everybody agrees with him wielding an ink gun. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

    More info: Instagram | Facebook

    This 12-year-old isn’t old enough to have a tattoo

    But that doesn’t stop him from tattooing other people!

    Sometimes he practices on oranges and grapefruits, but he’s also tattooed over twenty people as well!

    His name is Ezrah Dormon, but people call him The Shark

    He was inspired to pick up the ink gun after watching his mom get a tattoo at Honolulu tattoo shop in Panama

    With his mom’s permission, the owner let Ezrah ink a part of the tattoo she was getting

    After that, he was hooked

    The shop’s owner, Ali Garcia, has been showing him the ropes ever since

    He’s taught him how to draw various designs

    So far he can draw panthers, swallows, snakes, roses, and – of course – sharks

    Garcia lets Ezrah practice at the shop

    He’s even tattooed his own math teacher!

    There’s no denying that the kid has some incredible talent

    But some people weren’t sure what to think

    Others however had nothing but praise for the youngster

    What do you think?

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    Having A Tattoo Might Make You Sweat Less (And That’s Not A Good Thing)

    A small study suggests that having tattoos may affect how much you sweat, and could have health implications.

    The study, led by Alma College in Michigan, involved just 10 healthy men aged around 21. Each had a tattoo on one side of their upper body (such as an arm), but not the other.

    The researchers chemically stimulated the sweat glands, using pilocarpine nitrate, which initiates sweating. Small discs were then used to absorb the sweat that was produced.

    After 20 minutes, the researchers found that the tattooed skin generated about half the amount of sweat as the non-tattooed skin. It also had a different composition, containing about twice as much sodium as the non-tattooed side. The findings, published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, were the same if the tattoos were young or old.

    “To our knowledge, this is the first study of its kind to document alterations in sweating function associated with tattooing,” said lead author Maurie Luetkemeier in a statement. “However, we are somewhat cautious about our results. The process we used for stimulating sweat glands differs from the normal process, which involves cooling yourself following a rise in body temperature.”

    They noted, though, that this study could provide a proof of concept for other studies. Heavily tattooed people may be more at risk of heat-related injuries, as their bodies are not able to expel heat as quickly.

    “There is a maximum sweat rate that can be obtained,” Dr Angela Smith from Thomas Jefferson University in Pennsylvania, who was not involved in the study, told Healthline. “If you’re a marathon runner in the heat, a firefighter, or a soldier in a very hot climate you may already be sweating at your absolute maximum. So if you’re already at your maximum and now you lose your ability of a certain portion of your skin to sweat, all of a sudden you have a lower maximum than you did before… so now you could be at greater risk than if you didn’t have a tattoo.”

    As mentioned, this was an extremely small study, so it’s certainly too early to jump to conclusions. Hopefully, further studies will illuminate whether this is something to be concerned about or not.

    source: iflscience

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    Baby Boy Born “Pregnant” With His Own Twin Brother

    Doctors caring for a baby boy in Mumbra, India, were shocked to discover he was “pregnant” with his own twin brother.

    During a routine scan of his mother during pregnancy, radiologist Dr. Bhavna Thorat spotted an abnormal mass on the baby. When the baby was born, Dr Thorat performed a scan of the newborn.

    The scan revealed a 7-centimeter growth inside the baby’s abdomen, thought to be the baby’s twin, which had been enveloped in the womb.

    Scans showed a mass inside the abdomen. SWNS

    The growth appeared to be a case of “fetus in fetu“, an extremely rare abnormality where a fetus becomes enveloped by its own twin. After identifying the mass, surgeons successfully operated on the newborn, removing the 7-centimeter-long fetus from his abdomen.

    Surgery was successful and the boy is recovering well. SWNS.com

    The baby and his mother were moved to Titan Hospital in Thane after surgery, where they are both recovering well.

    Less than 100 cases of “fetus in fetu” have ever been recorded worldwide, with the abnormality happening in only one per 500,000 births.

    One theory on how it happens suggests that the “parasite” twin begins as a normal fetus, sharing a placenta with its sibling. Early during pregnancy, however, the host twin envelopes the other twin. The twin that has been enveloped becomes a “parasite” as it uses the host twin’s blood supply in order to survive.

    In cases of fetus in fetu, the “parasite” twin lacks the organs it needs to survive outside of the twin and threatens the life of the host it inhabits, as both twins try to get the nutrition they need from a single umbilical cord.

    Usually, the twin has no brain or vital organs, however in this case the doctors reported seeing a brain within the parasitic fetus.

    The 7 cm mass removed from his abdomen. SWNS.

    “It was inside a fetal sac of the newborn,” Dr Thorat, who took the initial scans, said to the Daily Mail. “I could see bones of the upper and lower limbs of the fetus.”

    “The unique thing about it was I could see a tiny head with the brain inside,” Thorat added. “However, this parasitic twin didn’t have a skull bone.”

    With the mass removed, the surviving twin is doing well and no problems have been reported.

    source: iflscience

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    9-Year-Old Applies For Job At NASA, And Here’s How NASA Responds

    Upon posting a job opening for “Planetary Protection Officer,” NASA space agency has received countless job applications, but none as original and adorable as the one by Jack Davis, a 9-year-old with all the right qualifications to be a “Guardian of the Galaxy.”

    “I have seen almost all the space and alien movies I can see,” Jack explained in his letter. “I’m great at video games. I am young, so I can learn to think like an Alien.”

    Jack’s letter went viral after a family friend posted it on Reddit, and when it eventually reached the space agency, NASA’s director of planetary science division himself engineered a perfect response for Jack on Twitter: “It’s about protecting Earth from tiny microbes when we bring back samples from the Moon, asteroids and Mars. It’s also about protecting other planets and moons from our germs as we responsibly explore the Solar System.”

    NASA encouraged Jack and others to study hard and to one day become the real “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

    More info: NASA (h/t: demilked)

    9-year-old Jack Davis applied for “Planetary Protection Officer” position at NASA

    The letter then reached NASA’s director of planetary science division, Dr. James L. Green

    And here’s how he replied:

    Hopefully, this will encourage Jack and many others to study hard and one day become the real “Guardians of the Galaxy”

    Photo by Aaron Sheldon / Getty Images

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    Someone Called This Girl’s Japanese Tea Party Racist, But Then This Japanese User Stepped In

    A Utah mom inadvertently sparked a fire when she threw a Japanese-themed birthday party for her daughter, Caitlyn, and posted about it on her blog. Tumblr somehow got a hold of it, and some users started dragging the mom for encouraging racism. One commentator, who happened to be Japanese, however, came in to set the record straight, and it was pretty much the mic drop of the century.

    The mom in question, who runs a party planning blog called The Gala Gals, is just one of the latest people to enter the fierce modern debate on cultural appropriation, and when it is and isn’t okay. Do you dress up as people from other countries in order to make fun of them? You’re probably a racist. Do you like wearing a kimono because you appreciate its beauty and historical significance to Japan? Go right ahead. A strong argument can be made, after all, that stigmatizing the sharing of cultural elements only creates more distance between us.

    Read how this latest Tumblr spat played out below, and let us know what your take on the issue is at the end!

    What do you think? Offensive or overblown? Tell us below!

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    Artist Uses 100,000 Banned Books To Build A Full-Size Parthenon At Historic Nazi Book Burning Site

    Argentinian artist Marta Minujín, 74, has created a monumental replica of the Greek Parthenon from 100,000 copies of banned books. According to the artist, it symbolizes the resistance to political repression.

    The Parthenon of Books in Kassel, Germany is part of the Documenta 14 art festival. With the help of students from Kassel University, Minujín identified over 170 titles that were or are banned in different countries around the world, and constructed the full-size replica of the iconic temple from those books, plastic sheeting, and steel.

    But probably what is Germany’s most controversial book – Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” – will not figure on the Parthenon. And for a good reason: the Nazis were notorious censors of books. In fact, Minujín’s work stands on a historic site where the Nazis burnt some 2,000 books in 1933 as part of a very broad campaign of censorship. “Where they burn books, at the end they also burn people,” Heinrich Heine said in the 19th century.

    More info: documenta14.de (h/t: mmm)

    Image credits: Roman März

    Image credits: alexgorlin

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    40-Ton Whale Was Just Filmed Jumping Completely Out Of The Water, And This Incredible Video Is Going Viral

    Humpback whales are pretty big. Quite enormous in fact. The average weight of a fully grown adult is around 36,000kg, which is about the same weight as 24 adult hippos, but that didn’t stop the massive mammal in the video below from putting on an incredible air display when it leapt completely out of the water in South Africa recently.

    The footage was shot in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mbotyi by Craig Capehart, a scuba diver who was sitting in a “rubber duck” inflatable boat when the graceful giant decided to make an appearance. He estimates that the whale weighed around 40 tons, but size clearly meant nothing to this graceful giant. “It seems that never before has a recording been made of an adult humpback whale leaping entirely out of the water! A very rare event, indeed,” wrote Craig in the caption accompanying the video. “Dolphins and even Great White Sharks have been seen flying out of the water, but this is a first for an adult humpback whale!”

    More info: YouTube

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    This Little Japanese Girl And Her Pet Poodle Will Make Your Day

    Looking for new friendship goals? Then look no further than Mame and Riku.

    Mame is a one-year-old Japanese girl, Riku is a giant poodle, and together they make the cutest companions you’ve ever seen. Mame’s grandmother documents their adorable exploits on Instagram, where the perfect pair have almost 80k followers. She also has two other dogs, Gaku and Qoo, but Mame and Riku seem to be particularly inseparable. Whether they’re sleeping, reading or playing on the trampoline, they seem to do everything together and they’re rarely far from each other’s side. Wish you had a friendship like this? We certainly do!

    By the way, did you know that giant poodles, otherwise known as royal poodles, aren’t actually a separate breed of dog? They’re just common marketing terms to refer to very big standard poodles, which can weight more than 60 pounds (27kg).

    More info: Instagram


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